Interesting Things About Johnson Jakande Tinubu Park (JJT Park)

The month of April seems to be running by pretty fast just like March, which was my birth month. That asides, if you follow my Instagram feed you would notice that I try as much as possible to collaborate with and support fellow bloggers either by taking pictures for them against their next content or simply suggesting suitable locations for their blog related shoots among other things.

I collaborated with Tobiloba of sometime in January by taking her to some nice locations and taking pictures of her for her personal style content which all came out right. JJT Park happens to be one of the places I suggested for her to head down to for her content and all pictures taken of her at this one nice park in Lagos came out nice.

Before I get on with this post I would love to advice you my readers to always try as much as possible to explore a new place every 2 months or however you want it. Traveling and exploring is one of the most informative activities you can ever engage yourself which I am sure would bring you some amount of fun and peace, trust me. Anyway, JJT Park is located at the Alausa area of Ikeja, Lagos and was inaugurated by the current Governor of Lagos state “Akinwunmi Ambode” in December 2017. This park is definitely one of the best places to come out and relax either alone or with friends and family as it boasts of attractive nature, scattered with benches, laced with fountains among others. It has a free wifi internet connection available for each individual visiting the park. Amazing right? Yeah, I know!

If you ever find yourself at JJT Park, here are a few interesting things you could engage in while you’re there:

Fountain: JJT Park boasts of fountains gushing out water right in the center of park and this is one of the favorite spots where little kids tend to spend most of their time at the park. For some reason felt for being an adult because watching the kids play in the center of the fountain made me want to do so as well, but the adult in me won’t just let me shine. The view the fountain offers is so beautiful with kids dancing and splashing around the water.

Picnic: If you’re seeking a serene ambience where you can relax and have a peaceful picnic with friends and family, JJT Park is one of the best places to do so. The lush green grasses and a few huts scattered across the park makes it a suitable places for a memorable picnic.

Food Shed: What’s better than a spacious free park with a food shed which serves different munchies from Jollof rice and chicken, to small chops and also chilled soft drinks. Though I didn’t have enough time on my hands to try out the food at the park, the aroma sailing through the air was enough to assure me of how great the food served must taste. *winks*

Wifi: Of all the parks I have been able to visit across Lagos city, JJT park is the only one of all of them which has a free accessible wifi for each person visiting the park. I mean, one could just set out during the weekends to the park either to finish up some left over work from the job or simply to do a research or two at the park with access to the wifi. This is definitely one reason why I would be visiting JJT park again pretty soon.

Mini Zoo: Oh yes, you read that right a zoo at a park. All you can find here are a couple of birds with colorful feathers chirping and singing all away. I wonder if other collection of animals would be added to this section as time passes, but that’s all there is in this part of the park.

I would like to go on and on about the great things about JJT Park which includes the flags of different countries within the African continent, the square with all local government areas in Lagos and many others. I think it is best you reading this to simply visit the park to see the beauty for yourself and drink it all in while it’s still pretty new. And before I forget, JJT park is just about 4 minutes  away from Ikeja City Mall (ShopRite) so you can easily just drop by the mall to shop for a few munchies and drinks before heading down to the Park. Below is a screenshot of a map which would help you find your way to the park easily from the mall below. Thanks for reading, bye for now.


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