5 Things to Do At the National Theatre Lagos

The National Arts Theatre is one of the most popular edifices in the city of Lagos located in the Iganmu area of the city. The construction of the edifice was kicked off by the Military head of state of Nigeria General Yakubu Gowon, and completed during the reign of Olusegun Obasanjo. I never really knew this arts center had a few things I would find interesting and fun, until “Labake” of Labakeany.wordpress.com took me on a walk through the garden and floors of the National center. We both walked around most parts of the complex twice after church service as we have this habit of having drinks and munchies together after church while we talked about how our previous week both went for us both.


Trust me; it is very beautiful within the grounds of the National Theatre, from the garden which is laced with lush green grasses, palm trees which gives it wonderful scenery and a monument can also be found within the garden. Also designed on the wall of the main building are some attractive art patterns which I found really amusing.

Before I get on with the main purpose of this article, which is the fun things to do at the National Theatre, you must know that entrance into the place is absolutely free and costs nothing. Yes, nothing at all. So here are a few of the fun things you can do with your friends and loved ones at the National Theatre as follows:

Watch Stage and Screen Plays: The theatre has about 3 spacious halls where Nigerian films and movies are screened to audiences, giving each person an amazing experience and memory to hold on to afterwards. The halls are also used for live stage plays by Nigerian actors and actresses.

Photo Shoot: One can get to create an amazing collection of photos here at the theatre grounds as a result of the beautiful scenery and the gorgeous green grasses. I witnessed a couple having a pre-wedding shoot within the garden a few meters away from where I was with my friend, and it had me wishing it was myself and my future soul mate who were having the shoot *SOBS*. The walls of the art gallery on the main building which is designed in fine artistic patterns also proves to be a suitable background for amazing pictures too.


Picnics: One of the best activities which one can enjoy here at the theatre is a simple picnic either with a few friends or family. Labake had a picnic here on her birthday back in December which I was lucky to have attended because I loved every minute of it, not because it was my first time at a picnic, but because it was just 4 of us and the munchies and drinks were more than enough to go round *WINKS*. Be sure to go along with blankets to cover your legs by the way because the sun flies here are not one bit nice.

Food Court: Though I never had a reason to drop by the food court for anything, I could perceive the tempting smell of various delicious meal and snacks from Shawarma, noodles and eggs, as well as small chops. You could also find a number of bars where soft drinks and chilled bottle of beer are served too.

Art Gallery: A small art gallery is located within the main theatre building which houses collections of National Gallery of Modern Nigerian Art amongst other works of art. Portraits of prominent Nigerian Heads of State can be found within the gallery and also other sculptural works, both old and new.


6 thoughts on “5 Things to Do At the National Theatre Lagos

  1. Uche! Beautiful pictures.
    You know I pass The National theatre sometimes, it’s close to my workplace. I never thought visiting, I felt it was Deserted or something.
    Thanks for this. We going together soon! 😁


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