#Travel: Lekki Conservation Center

The best part of 2017 started for me in the month of August right after my arrival to Lagos from Abeokuta where I got to spend some quality time with my grandparents and also put a few things together for myself. While I was out there in Ogun state, I spent about 2 hours a week on Instagram (which is the only social media platform I visited during that time) because I decided to take a break from all socials to fully concentrate on myself and also enjoy real life and the pleasures it had to offer. While surfing through Instagram during that time, I kept on bumping on a number posts from various people who visited the Lekki conservation center (LCC) located along the Lekki Epe Expressway right opposite Chevron estate in Lagos island. These posts always gets me jealous and also makes me want to come back quickly to Lagos have my share of fun too, but I stayed patient until the end of August when I packed my stuffs and left Abeokuta for Lagos.

On getting to Lagos, I spent the remaining few days in August pitching brands I would love to work with and luckily I secured two good brands who love what I do, so work (Freelancing) began. Sometime in September, I came across a digital banner via Instagram by “The Bloggers Advocate” (a platform specially created to meet blogger’s needs and also provide necessary support each blogger needs to perfect their art) which stated a bloggers day out trip to the one place I’ve been looking to visit all the while “LCC” scheduled for the first of October. I made necessary inquiries about the trip and was really impressed at what they were offering, so I made the required payment for the trip and started counting down for the tour.

The day finally came and myself alongside other bloggers I’ve been communicating with on the TBA Support group met at LCC where the whole fun began. We were all welcomed with goodie bags which contained munchies and drinks which were to fuel us for the whole fun time we would be having out there as well as a bunch of made in Nigeria products. The fun began with a short walk in the nature park within the conservation center which had tall trees, brick bridge and a handful of monkeys jumping here and there within the park. To be honest I was firstly scared of the monkeys because they kept jumping real close to us and the girls weren’t helping with the whole panicking either, but i got used to having them around and even offered one of them a muffin from my goodie bag.

The wobbly canopy walk was the next phase of adventure for us as we had to climb the six steps of this one bridge known to be 401 meters long, making it the longest in Africa and is second to the world’s longest canopy walk which is tucked in Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia.I was matched with Marlyne of “Northern Igbo Blog” and 2 other couples, because you have to climb on the bridge in a group of six at max.

It was a scary yet fun experience on the bridge and we got to take mind blowing pictures up there. On getting off the bridge, we moved on to exploring the family park and right here there are various kinds of games such as the large chess board designed on the floor, ludo games amongst a bunch of other fun activities friends and family can enjoy while hanging out together.

Myself and 2 other friends decided to go climbing the tree house which is 21 meters high above ground while the rest of the team assembled to head back home. This tree house isn’t meant for the faint hearted or anyone scared of heights because this is in a way more scary than the wobbly bridge.

The lady amongst us went up first and i followed her lead, upon getting right in the middle of the brick steps my heart beat started racing faster than because i could hear no sounds from below and i could feel strange cool breeze caressing my skin.

At this point i decided to head back and not fall off out of fear, but it was at that moment ‘Michael’ decided start climbing and urged me to continue upwards. Well to cut the long story short, i went up above the tree house with them and the view was gloriously mesmerizing and gorgeous. We could see the whole gorgeous green park and it’s beautiful ambience, plus the sun was just golden up there and we were glowing in the pictures taken from up above the tree house.

Wow, this trip was one of the most memorable ones I’ve ever embarked on all my life and i sure would love to visit again sometime in the future. Have you been to LCC before? Share your thoughts down in my comments section, for i would love to hear from you.

11 thoughts on “#Travel: Lekki Conservation Center

    1. Aww, thanks Deedee love… Still trying to perfect my writing skills! I am glad you enjoyed your day at LCC, i wish we had enough time to talk and get to know each other out there… But there’s always some other time.


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